Our goal at Long Arm Brewing Co. is to create modern beers with tradition in mind. We are an honest brewery, no cutting corners, no cheating and we are unforgiving when it comes to the quality of our beers and the ingredients that go into them. We have a core range of four cracking beers that we are hugely proud of and we look forward to adding seasonal specials to this as time goes on. These are not niche beers for die hard craft beer enthusiasts only – we get just as much satisfaction, if not more, from converting the lifelong lager drinkers as we do from impressing the experts.

Our aim for the future is that your next Long Arm beer is always within reach – whether it’s ordered over the bar, on the shelf in your local craft beer shop or ordered online from the comfort of your own home.

The Farm - coming soon to Long Arm, Worship Street

Our recently opened pub in Worship street boasts a farm using Aquaponics. Aquaponics combines Aquaculture (fish farming) and Hydroponics (growing of plants without soil in water). To put it simply, the fish are fed with the spent grains from the brewing process and then fertilize the plants. The plants use that fertilizer, soak it up, & send the water back clean to the fish to re-use. The free organic fertilizer provides the optimal growing environment for the plants, herbs & the freshest fish & veggies to your plate.



Our small but perfectly formed brewery is located on South Ealing Road, neighbouring Ealing Park Tavern. The Long Arm Brewing Co. microbrewery is built, quite literally, on a foundation of brewing expertise with a history dating back to 1728 when it operated as the Lewis Furnell Brewhouse until the mid 1800s. More than two centuries later, we are honouring this by home-brewing punchy bitters and pale ales. Keep your eye out for our seasonal specials, coming soon.